Pleasantview Christian Elementary School
4922 South 15th Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85041

Private School    K4 through 8th Grade      

SINCE 1986

CONTACT US:  602-276-7815

Private school is for children whose parents understand the commitment and sacrifice required to make their child’s education a top priority in their lives. 

Pleasantview Christian Elementary School is for parents who realize and support the fundamental belief that the best education includes:



Respect for Self    

Respect for Others


Here at Pleasantview Christian Elementary we stand for all of these and the highest standard of education to help prepare our children for all aspects in their education. 

Over 80% of our children work at or above grade level.

Abeka, a Christian publisher is our base curriculum for:






Combined classrooms have been a very effective method of teaching and interaction for student, so we have combined our K4-1st grades, 2nd-4th grades, and 5th-8th grades – creating a superior classroom setting where children at all levels can learn and work together in their education efforts! 
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